In a previous life, she was a marketing addict and a beauty artist. Often overwhelmed by society and the fast life we are pushed into. Her soul longed to dance, do yoga and retreat. But she felt afraid to show her real self to the world. She hit rock bottom. A deep hibernation to recharge her mind, body and soul followed. It led to a journey of self discovery, self love, boundaries and rest. 

Now, Aurelie found the woman she truly is and has been nourishing her every single day - through the art of rituals. She is a mother, a daughter, a fiancee, an entrepreneur. But in the first place she is a women. She embraces her femininity completely and she reconnected - with herself, with nature, with the universe. Curious about this transformational process and eager to learn more, she explored the realms of yoga, human design, reiki, meditation, coaching and relaxation techniques.

Her mission is to redefine femininity by guiding and empowering women. To help them heal and grow. To find their inner goddesses. With ritual recipe she holds space for every woman to embrace every aspect of femininity with grace, sensuality and respect. She teaches soft yoga in small groups, organizes workshops, but also guides women individually by making custom ritual recipes and doing reiki healings.

She's from Belgium, speaks Dutch, but loves to guide you in English as well - if you don't mind the beauty mistakes.


Contact her with all your questions. Or send her a love note: