We hold time and space for rituals as moments of self love and reflection and to honor our true selves. We practice them during the day - depending on natural and cosmic cycles - to align ourselves to the universe. During a ritual we feel at ease and in unity with ourselves and with mother earth. Through rituals, we make a connection to the divine feminine, to the inner goddess we are.Through rituals we transform.

The importance of rituals, circles and ceremonies is shown throughout history. They are as important as drinking water and eating healthy meals. Rituals ease the mind and let us connect to our souls. They show us the way we should act, grow and be grateful. 

The moment we create a divine ritual - custom to ourselves - we are on a path of self-worth and self-knowledge to become our higher selves.

Rituals are here as anchors during a day of action, to slow down and breathe. To be thankful and to connect. To fill in the gap between the conscious and the subconscious. They remind us who we truly are. What we are here to do. What we want to create and how we want to feel. 

As a soul nutritionist Aurelie uses the seasons, the moon and the cycles in combination with yoga, reiki, guidance and meditation to guide women back to their intuition. She loves to share what she learned over the years and she likes to welcome you into the feminine world of softness, grace and power.

In a private session, she likes to explore your world - together with you - to make a ritual recipe just for you, your own soul medicine. It'll be a custom blend of beauty, soul, sleep, etc. rituals. Depending on your intentions, needs and desires.


. are practices that empower intentions . become personal and pure once you're noticing them . nurture your body, soul and spirit . are anchors of mindfullness during your day . can release past trauma and heal your future .