blossom potion / new moon + solar eclipse

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A blossom potion - custom made for you - under the energetic magnifying glass of the new moon in Aries/Taurus and solar eclipse. 

The new moon eclipse (20th of April) will be a pivoting point. Can you feel it? Are you sensing it? This will be the start of your s h i f t - of your future.

A letting go + a new beginning.

It contains the power to unleash your unlimited potential (Aries) and take inspired action towards your (bigger) dreams - your life's purpose. 

Do you want support of Mother Earth during this eclipse - because yes, it can be an intense period? Then this blossom potion will work its magic for you. 


>> What? 

- one custom made blossom potion with Reiki connection (with bach blossoms and ceremonial infusions - made by Aurelie)

- one personal and channeled affirmation

- send to your home address with love 


! Only 10 available !