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This private distance session holds space for your energetic body and soul. Aurelie combines reiki healing energy with clairvoyance. You'll receive healing in a soft, yet vibrant way.

Reiki is a Japanese healing technique. It reduces stress and provides deep relaxation. This distance Reiki session (via Zoom) obviously isn't build around the hand positions and touches, but - as everything is made of energy - the energetic exchange is even (more) powerful. 

Reiki is something for you if you want to...

- calm down your nervous system

- bring balance into your life

- relax and put your mind to ease 

- let go off trauma and blockages

- let the energy flow through your channels

- give 

"maintenance" to your mind, body and emotions

- get to know your true self 

Reiki is also recommended when overstimulated or burnt out. As a pregnant woman, it's also a great way to connect with your unborn child.

Aurelie is specialized in healing women - any age, any issue, any space. Her main focus though is on pregnant and postpartum moms, and women who suffer from womb issues (endometriosis, infertility, childbirth trauma, etc.). The energetics of the heart and womb are profoundly known.

During this soft and vibrant private session, we just ask you to surrender and open up. Your soul will thank you later. 


Structure: soft conversation - reiki healing - verbal exchange and guidance (putting the energy into words)

If you are searching for even more guidance on a soul level with not only healing, but also cleansing, rituals and readings, I'd love to recommend the Soul Guidance session: 3h of pure magic. 

Duration: approx. 1h15min

Location: online via Zoom 

After purchase, you can schedule your healing session here.