reiki babies/kids

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This private distance session holds space for your child's uniqueness. Aurelie combines reiki healing energy with clairvoyance in a very soft way to support babies and children.

Great for your baby or child if he or she needs...

- more relaxation or rest

- extra emotional support

- soothing (e.g. nightmares, terrors, intense behavior)

- emotional release (e.g. tantrums)

- a better energy flow

- a better sleep

Great for you as a parent to get insight into your child's energetic body, emotions and/or mental state. So you can give intuitive and gentle support. 


This session can be both online (Zoom) or live in studio durf (Erpe-Mere, BE). With babies we recommend a distance session. 


!! We'll need permission from both parents AND the baby / child !!

Structure: soft conversation - reiki healing - verbal exchange and guidance (putting the energy into words)

Duration: approx. 1h

Location: online via Zoom or live in studio durf

After purchase, you can schedule your healing session here.