gua sha workshop - 29/10

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Improve your beauty ritual by using a gua sha massage stone.

Guasha literally means 'scraping the skin' and is part of traditional Chinese medicine. In the East, the gua sha is a regular part of women's beauty routine. It is a kind of facial massage that keeps the skin young and radiant in a natural way. It is a relaxing treatment that you can do on yourself and it aims to stimulate blood flow, lymph circulation and the production of collagen. The quality of the skin is improved and waste products and toxins are produced. Result: finer lines, smoother skin and a vital appearance.



* This gift for yourself will cost you €55,50. 

* The workshop will take place in Sint-Lievens-Houtem from 18u30 until 21u.

* We'll use the 100% organic and hand made products of Palm of Feronia.

* Free: rose quartz massage stone for every participant.

* Language: Dutch.

I can't wait to welcome you. 

xo, Aurelie