sessions of the womb / online tribe

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A magical journey inside your creative space – your womb.


By connecting with your womb, you'll discover the hidden power of your feminine 'being'. Your inner goddess hides in the womb. It is a source of deep wisdom, creative energy and feminine leadership. This is where the most original ideas and projects arise and we find direction for our lives. A womb that is pure and clean knows how to flow this energy and will provide a life in abundance. However, the womb can also be a storage place for unprocessed emotions, traumas and patterns (from parents, experiences, upbringing, etc.) that we cannot understand and process from our head. By making contact with your womb in a conscious way, you can break these patterns.

This course will help you to:

  • heal conscious and unconscious traumas
  • to ground (living less in your head)
  • to understand your shadow sides
  • to understand why you have certain relationship patterns and help to heal your maternal line
  • to balance your feminine and masculine energy
  • to process traumas around childbirth, abortion, miscarriages, infertility
  • to have better self-image and self-acceptance
  • to remove blockages around sexuality, becoming pregnant and pregnancy

It will be easier to feel empowered, to set boundaries and to say 'no'.


  • 3 online group sessions in February 2022
  • 1 personal reading at full moon (worth €44)
  • 1 personal reiki healing with follow-up conversation (worth €85)
  • The tools we use: workshops, meditations, flow writing, mantras, asanas, etc.
  • A Whatsapp tribe where you can connect with like-minded souls


  • The first group sessions starts on 02-02-2022 at 8pm
  • Your private session will be scheduled at a time of your choice
  • Energetic contribution: €222
  • Group sessions are recorded and can be (re)viewed afterwards
  • Mail to for more information and questions
  • Your subscription is final after payment.

I'd love to join you on this magical journey.

XO - Aurelie