soul purpose - business session / 3h

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During this session you'll explore your purpose and/or soul business in a down to earth, yet spiritual way. We'll tap into the Akashic records and your source to strategically map - or find - your goals and desires. You'll also discover your unique energetic blueprint to uplift your business with softness and ease. 

Aurelie uses her background as a marketing manager in combination with her spiritual gifts to guide you in this 'soul purpose - business session'. You'll be dropped in a warm bath of different tools, such as brainstorming techniques, visualisation exercises, breathwork, oracle cards, human design and the strategic marketing insights to activate your creativity and 'get things going'. 

This session is for you if you:

- are called towards a gentle, intuitive way of creating, holding and/or growing a passionate business.

- are dreaming for more, but you’re afraid to take the next steps

- are ready to expand, but you are worrying or doubting yourself

- don't believe in a one size fits all marketing, communication, scheduling and 'must do's' 

- believe in the power of authenticity 

- bump into a problem or obstacle and don’t know what to do

- are stuck in a routine and don’t know how you can integrate actionable steps into your life of business

- are searching for any kind of guidance for your soul business, path and purpose.

>> This expanding session is destined for soul mission seekers, healers, freelancers, creatives, coaches, yoga teachers and anyone looking to start a business or wants to upgrade their business with flow and ease. 

Before the session, I would love to get in touch to get to know you, your passions, your fears and your business. During the session, we use your human design chart as the blueprint to set the energetic framework for your unique business; for your unique way of communicating and operating; for your creation process; for your gifts and fears. We deep dive in your soul's desires. Afterwards we’ll get things moving (you’ll receive a personal integration practice pdf with exercises) so you get the results you’re dreaming of. 


Location: online via Zoom or live in Erpe-Mere or Sint-Lievens-Houtem (BE).

Duration: aprox. 3h - €444 EXCL. VAT

If you want to pay in installments or love to follow a custom 1:1 trajectory, please send an email to

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