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Welcome beautiful Soul and enjoy the shift...


/ THE / SHIFT / is an online creative and energetic space that will shift your focus, being and life force, starting this very moment. 

Together we'll welcome new beginnings, inspired action and expansion. 


/ W H A T ? /

// A private Soul Reading, divided into two parts:

  • 1 / THE AUDIO : transferred via energy, Reiki and quantum healing
  • 2 / THE TALK : deepening chat with Aurelie via Zoom (+- 45min)

> Intention: to connect with your Soul and the desires She wants to welcome this Spring.


/ G I F T /

A channeled letter from your Soul.

// A set of Collective Prayers, a combination of practices, meditation and workshops via Zoom (replays will be available - all in Dutch):

  • 1 / "WELCOMING NEW BEGINNINGS : THE ENERGETICS OF SPRING & THE GIFT OF RECEIVING" - the 1st of April (I kid you not), 10:30am
  • 2 / "HONORING YOUR TRUTH" - the 23rd of April, 10:30am

> Intention: to get into the Spring energy, take the next step and move forward. 


/ W H O ? /

This is your space if you want to explore the deeper realms of your Soul and discover what sparks within you - and what's ready to POP - this Spring. 

For the Seeker of Truth - for the Soul Searcher - for the Expansive Flower.

You are very welcome.

Not for the one who is not ready for change, not willing to take inspired action at all and not committed to herself - and this group. 



I'll promise you... Together we'll create. Together we'll rise. And supported by this community you won't hesitate to g(r)o(w) further.  

>> This price almost equals the price of the Soul Reading on its own (without the collective prayers, without channeled letter). 


I can't wait to take you with me on this Spring and New - astrological - Year journey.

XO - Aurelie 


Ask your questions or mail me: aurelie@ritualrecipe.co